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2022 General Society of Sons of the Revolution (G.S.S.R.) Board of Managers (B.O.M.) Registration Agenda

Challenge Coins Offered by S.R.S.C.

More information to follow…

The Challenge Coins are in the process to be produced soon. Don’t delay be the first in line.

The cost is $10 per coin.


S.R.S.C. will mail the coins and defray the postage.



Ivan Bennett SCSR Treasurer

12 Highbush Drive

Hilton Head Island, SC 29926




Make Check Payable to SCSR

Sons of the Revolution

South Carolina


In the American Revolution, Patriots stepped forward for the cause of liberty.  In 1876 the sons of these Patriots formed the Sons of the Revolution. More engagements were in South Carolina than any other of the 13 colonies, 1775-1782.

This Challenge coin honors the American Patriots, and assists JROTC cadets going forward.